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Over the past 13 years The Mc Dermott School of Classical Ballet and Dance has held summer school programmes for its students. Conducted and taught by Trisha Mc Dermott, this week of dance gives the students a chance to put their everyday class exercises into specially choreographed pieces. 


Having studied at the Royal Academy of Dance Trisha has learnt many classical ballet repertoire pieces, such as The Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, La Syllphide and many more. By learning these dances the students learn about different ballets and have a sense of being a ‘ballerina’.


Students also have a chance to learn different styles of dance. We feel that as well as classical ballet, other styles contribute to the students dance education. We use modern pieces of music to capture the enthusiasm of the students. Over the years we have also introduced some musical theatre pieces to widen the student’s knowledge of dance in theatre.


Over the week we encourage the students to put their own input into dances, by giving them a task of choreographing their own dances in small groups. The music is set and a list of steps are introduced. By giving them a theme we hope this will build confidence and friendship within the group as well as giving them a chance to express their own opinions on the set work.

During this week we hope to build self confidence, knowledge of dance and friendships in a fun learning environment.

After a week of hard work we invite parents and friends in to show them our achievements. Students put on a small production of the pieces they have learnt. In order to make the production as fun as possible we try to costumes most of the dance pieces. Each student receives a certificate of participation and a summer school medal.

fees for musicals

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Contact Trisha: 086 196 0226

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