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"Learning and Developing
through the joy
of movement and dance."

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We hope that your child’s time in our Ballet School will be very happy. We hope that the pleasure that dancing brings will increase, and that they will learn skills which transfer into their everyday life.

We know that parents want the best for their children and we strive to provide the best in the field of classical ballet training. The Royal Academy of Dance is the largest examining and teacher education organisation for classical ballet in the world. All our ballet school students study the RAD Grades Syllabus and we provide the Vocational Syllabus for students who wish to study ballet more seriously, possibly with a view to pursuing a career in dance or dance related subjects. We believe that studying Classical Ballet gives our students an all-round dance education.


We aim to foster the relationship between music and controlled movement as well as inspiring a sense of confidence. This allows for individual expression and artistry, which can be carried over to normal life. During our classes we aim to give every child and young person in front of us an opportunity to perform their steps to the best of their own ability. We rotate our lines so that each student gets to be in the front line at some stage in the lesson. For some exercises we may divide the class into groups and each group performs for the others in the class.


All our students are equally appreciated and everybody gets a chance to present their work to an RAD examiner if they and their parents/guardians would like them to. We are very appreciative of the way that Ballet and Dance has enriched our own lives and we want to pass on this tradition to following generations. We are fully committed to professional development and take advantage of every RAD teacher-training course offered to us in Ireland.

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